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Privacy Policy:

You will find attached below the privacy policy of We have the utmost respect for all your private information that you have to provide us with in course of availing our services. With a great value for your trust we make it a point to keep this information secure and confidential. A reading of this document will give you a clear idea as to what our privacy policies are. Hereafter when you visit the website or deal with the website or the company it will be assumed that you accept our policies.

The information that we collect from you
The use of the information
The control of this information
Tell a friend
Blogs and the testimonials
Communications from 123goair and your options
Service Providers
Security and Confidentiality
A change to this document
The information that we collect from you:

Generally speaking we collect the information you provide us with when you avail of our services. In most cases it is your personal information which provides your identity such as the first name, last name, postal and email address, phone number etc. Your billing details which can be a credit or a debit card used to pay for the services are also with us as the billing information. Besides this we can possess information like the preferences that you possibly have regarding your hotel rooms etc. While some of this information is not mandatory for you to provide us with, some others are an essential so that you have a registered profile with us for transactions and even participations in contests or surveys.

The use of the information

The information that we receive is processed and stored for several purposes. These purposes include requests for travel services and products and for the general improvement of the website. With our authorized technology, we at 123GOAIR can share some of this information and we also share them at times with the service providers and the marketing departments. However we do not rent, share, sell or trade any of this information for any kind of promotional purpose.

It must be noted in this regard that the suppliers of the services can have different privacy policies than ours. However when it comes to our credit card processing, we use the PII only to process the travel related bookings.

In case of a certain legal proceeding we may share this information with a third party. This is done only to deal with fraudulent activities or in those transactions where the user is obligated by this norm. For the general improvement of our services and the website, we can link the non personal information with the PII. The third party in this regard may even be outside US.

We reserve the right to collect statistical data as you browse through our websites. This can be done even when you have not registered with us. This is however not a personal information but is rather treated as a general information where we map an individual’s preferences and the pattern of visit to the website. Tracking mechanisms such as the web beacons and log files are used for this purpose and the information is mostly your IP address or the pages that you have visited on your website.

The control of this information

The data that we use remains anonymous and is not something you have to visit when you visit our website. We do not link it to your PII unless it has been voluntarily done so by you. 123GOAIR also has the right to place a particular file or a cookie in your device which helps us recognize you during your next visit. You have the right to instruct your computer or device to not accept such cookies and files. We even have a third party tracking device where cookies are used for non PII tracking of the visitors to the website.

You can change the PII information that you have provided us with by logging into your account through our website. You just need to log into “My Account” for this purpose.

Even after a request for deletion of your travel related data we can keep it intact for a period of six months. This is done to ensure that we can provide the same in any case of incomplete transaction during your travel or if it is required in a legal proceeding. Other data such as the travel membership numbers or a preference in ticketing then it can be retained indefinitely. The data from the third parties can be either edited or processed or deleted and the same goes for your individual data as well.

Tell a friend

You may use the referral system to refer our website to a friend. In such cases we will be asking for his or her name and email address. It should be noted in this regard that this information is not stored by 123goair.

Blogs and such similar testimonials

A comment made in a random blog can include your PII information which can then be read and used by all. Here we have no responsibility with the privacy of your PII data which you have voluntarily submitted in these blogs. Other users can even send you unsolicited messages by using this PII information and we take no blame regarding the same.

Communications from 123goair and your options

We do communicate to you regarding the transactions and the services that we provide. We even have some promotional content which we communicate with you from time to time assuming that it might interest you. You however have the option of opting out from these communications. You can even use the unsubscribe link which will be provided in the email itself. This was you will receive no future promotional information from

Service Providers

Services like credit card processing or web analytics etc are done by third parties engaged by us. When you are signing up for any of their services we need to provide them with data accordingly. They are however prohibited to use the PII information for any other purpose, commercial or otherwise. Some widgets that we have on the website require you to submit your PII information as and when necessary. Through forms and contests and surveys this information is collected and their usage too is restricted only to the purpose for which they are collected.

Security and Confidentiality

The security of your PII and other necessary data is treated as matters of utmost importance by us. Although we abide by the standard industrial norms for the protection of this data, it is to be noted that on the web world there is no data which is a 100% secure. We do put in the best possible technology for the protection of your PII and other valuable information. But even with our best efforts we cannot guarantee a data breach.

Besides when we provide you with links you often click on them and visit other websites whose privacy policies are different from ours. We at 123goair is not responsible for a data breach or violation of conduct that takes place from their end.

We also possess the right to disclose any of your information particularly the PII data for legal purposes. This can be to comply with a particular court order or any such other concerns. Even the fraudulent activities can lead to the disclosure of this data.

A change to this document

There will be certain changes which will be made to this document. These changes from time to time must be adhered to. You will receive a mail notifying you of the changes and in case you do not abide by them you can remove or edit your information as per your convenience. We have the right to make such changes at any moment and you will be duly notified.

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