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Welcome to 123goair.com. We strongly recommend that you read the terms of use very carefully before you are involved in any form of transaction with our website, be it services monetary or otherwise. This document will contain some very important information pertaining to the limitation of the liability and how arbitration may solve disputes rather than dragging them to court. Your access to the services and your usage is subject to your agreement in affirmative with the terms of use as is being put out. Also for reference you should go through the privacy policy as well since even that is interlinked with your usage of services concerned with our website. We hereby make it clear that if you do not abide by the terms and conditions then you must not be using the services and in case you are it will be assumed that you have read, understood and abide by the terms of usage as we lay out.

It must also be pointed out that you should use the services only when you agree with all of the mentioned conditions and we also reserve the right to make some changes from time to time. It is hereby your responsibility that you visit this page from time to time and take note of the changes if any. The validity of your complaints or any service regarding issues will be restricted to the then terms and conditions and thus you must be aware of any changes. Some provisions of the present terms and conditions can also be suspended temporarily and permanently and we reserve that right.

The terms and conditions that we will be laying out before you will supersede any previous terms that might have been in place before the above mentioned date.

Limitations on Liability (Disclaimer)
Site usage and business transactions
Credit Card Declines
Changing flight schedules
Cancellation Policy
The booking fees for online transactions
Changes in fare
Delivery of tickets
Terms and conditions of credit card payment
No waiver

Limitations on Liability (Disclaimer)

The information that you receive are on an as in, where available basis and there is no such representation of warranty regarding this information available. In case your computer is infected by a virus in course of this site visit we will not be held responsible under any circumstances. Besides this any form of loss or damage that you might incur during the course of this site visit or during the availing of our services will not be reimbursed by us as we will not be held accountable. We only act as an agent where we provide you with the travel related services and products and your usage of the site shall be at your own risk.

If there is a third party interference due to the breaching of this conduct by you then 123Goair is to be indemnified accordingly. So will be the case for your violation of laws or the rights of the concerned third party.


Any kind of dispute with the travel service suppliers which can range from hotels, flights, car rentals etc. we should be released from any form of claims and damages that might arise. Such disputes are in no way connected to us.

Site usage and business transactions

When you enter into a business transaction with us, you confirm by default that you are above the age of 18 and have the legal power to get into the transaction. You also agree to be fully responsible financially for the transaction that has taken place by you or someone working on your direction. You also certify to the fact that any information that you may have provided us with during the process is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

The transaction must not be fraudulent by any means and should all be legitimate reservations. The offers that we provide you with may be subject to several conditions such as the day of your travel, holidays, stopovers among other things. They can be changed without any such prior notice and there might be a scenario where a lower price is available.

It must also be noted that the Warsaw Convention might be applicable to your trip depending upon your place of visit or your origin and according to this the liability of the airline due to death or loss and damage of baggage may be limited. Until ticketed the reservation is not considered to be complete. We conduct our business regarding the verification of the credit and debit card details as provided to us and in case of discrepancies there can arise problems such as cancellations or wrongful charging and we will not be held accountable. If the issuing company declines the transaction then there is nothing that we can do.


For the sake of your convenience we have at certain places provided you with links to other sites. We are however not responsible for the content and neither do we endorse the content that you will find there, and you visit those links at your own risk.


1. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR ETKT DETAILS (Such as the name of passenger (s), flight details) IMMEDIATELY. In case of any error, please notify us at 1-844-234-6247 or via email within the same day of the receipt of Eticket.

2. 123Goair will not be responsible for any error after 24 Hours after the receipt of Eticket(s).

3.We recommend to arrive at the airport 3 Hours before the flight time To AVOID No Show.

4. Please check your Visa requirement for the Destination as well as the Transit Airports.


The Domestic tickets are Non-Refundable. However, some of International are Refundable with penalty, check with our customer service by calling 1-844-234-6247 or by sending email at info@123goair.com. We entertain the refund demands on a request basis only and if you want to know about the status of the refund request you must get in touch with us in 72 hours. You should also allow a 30-day period for it to be reflected in your credit cards. The amount of the refund would be conveyed when the transaction would be processed.

Credit Card declines

In case of a credit card decline we will be notifying you via email or by phone within 24 Hours, In case of such failures the transaction will not be processed and thus the status of the tickets would be uncertain and price is not guaranteed.

Changing flight schedules

In case of changes in the flight schedules we do not provide an immediate solution as once your ticket is issued, the dates and times cannot be changed. You would be subject to the airline policy and we do not stand guarantee for the other bookings that might have taken place. With the change in flight timings we have no control over the airline systems.

Cancellation policy

While some of the unused Non-Refundable flight tickets can be used later with in period of one year from the date of issue of the ticket with airline penalty, difference of fare if any and our service charges of $ 50 to $ 100. Please check about the status of such tickets our customer service 1-844-234-6247 or by sending email to info@123goair.com.

The booking fees for online transactions.

Administration fee/ Service fee may be applied per transection/passenger, such as Date change, Exchange of the tickets, Refunds or any service provided, anywhere from $ 0 to $ 100 besides Airline penalty, No show charges and difference of fare.

Changes in the fare

This is one of the rarest instances where a fare might have changed even after reservation. We will notify you regarding the same, but we bear no responsibility in such circumstances. Once you have been notified about the new fare you have the options of either cancelling the previous one or paying the extra fare.


On the behalf of www.123goair.com we reserve the right to terminate your access to our website wholly or partly. We may or may not provide you with a notice regarding the same and we have the sole discretion regarding this.

Delivery of Tickets:

All Electronic tickets are delivered via email provided by your while making reservation via phone or online. In case of any Paper Hotel Vouchers or any paper coupons will be delivered via FedEx or any Standard US delivery method.

Terms and conditions of credit card payment

We accept most of the major credit cards in Canada and USA. However, we do so subject to the matching of the name and address of that of the passengers. You must also make sure that you have enough daily limit so as to pay for the ticket.

Just by the submission of the credit card the ticketing process is not guaranteed. In case there is a problems with the credit card then in 24 hours we will be notifying you. And in case we are faced with problems and fail at our attempts in contacting you, then your reservation can be cancelled.

We have no responsibility if the card is not charged by the company as there can be multiple reasons for the same. We record all the card transactions that take place over the phone for security purposes.

As per company rules Third party Credit Cards not allowed. In case of paying for the family members please submit Credit Card Authorization form ( Can be printed from the link given n the website) duly filled and signed by card holder along with Credit card front and back with US official ID.

No waiver

There is no waiver that will be issued on the part of 123goair.com in case we fail to enforce any of the above-mentioned conditions. Only a written waiver will have the desired legal effect when it is signed by the authorized personnel of 123Goair.com.

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